Reading is most probably my dweeb side coming through, I like to read as I get to escape from the world and creating a new world in my head is like watching a movie on TV; its fun.

Other than reading I love photography, watching films, listening to music and gaming with friends, I am a bit of a social birdy :)

Okay so I have recently taken up on writing again so you can see below on some of the works I am working on :) I haven't written a story in over 4 years, and even before that I never quite completed a story so this is a new challenge for me :D I have a bad habit of not proof-reading my work so if you notice any mistakes do point them out for me, much appreciated!

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I will enjoy reading yours :)

Anyways I hope you have a good night/day!


P.S. Those who know where my avatar is from gets cookies!! =D

~Small Disclaimer :) ~
If you recommend me to read you story, I will read it (eventually) as you can see from my library I have a few to get through, I usually read before I go to sleep on my Wattpad app so a bit slow, I don't want to do the whole read4read or comment4comment, jazz... I do want others to read my work but not going to force it on people :/ I promote in discussions cos I honestly want opinions so don't judge but if I say I will read your story, you bet I will.. Your story will be in my 'Promised Reads' section, I wont comment on every chapter but on the last chapter I read as I mentioned I read on my phone and not comp so cant comment on that =\ so don't hate on me if I dont read straight away :(
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They Thought They Knew

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Description: This is a short story about a girl who suffers from depression and her world comes caving in. The reason why I have written this, is because I wish to show a small ficitional insight into someone who could be...


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