Y'all for real nitpicking a Greek god fan fiction written by an 11 year old . . . My word


If anyone is still interested in knowing the outcome of Daddy Direction -- please let me know! I don't want to write if everyone has stopped caring  but if you do care just comment on the latest chapter so I know who's here 


Oh my god. I remember in the summer of 2012, (which I guess wasn't really that long ago, but when you're a teenager it is lol) I read, and I'm not exaggerating, all of the Liam Payne fan fics on Wattpad haha.  Daddy Direction was one of them!  I can't remember the plot too well, but I saw the book cover just right now, and it was pretty nostalgic.  Just wanted to say thanks for that little trip down memory lane.  How've you been? :) 


@MorLia I'm so glad that you remember that! hahaha I know what you mean though-- time flies when you're a teenager. Thank you so much even mentioning this, it really means a lot to me. I've been doing well, thank you. And how have you been? :)


Dude, you should update your status :P its been the same for a year! haha wow can't believe I remember seeing your old status'.. I feel ancient lol:)

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