I'm still alive, barely. Thank-you to the creation of energy drinks! 

Okay, so a little about my hectic life - I do shift work, so my roster is all over the place and that includes crazy ass shifts at times (the joys).
I'm in the middle of doing my house up - though it looks very similar to a construction site with projects half finished all over the place. One of those projects is a dirt track out in the paddock for our dirtbikes. Yay! So excited to have some jumps put in so I can stack it some more (my garage is not used for cars, only dirtbikes and a quad - not all mine either, lol). I kinda broke my bike right now, but she broke my fav pair of sunnies. So we're even.
I have two little monsters who take up what spare time I have and they are annoyingly amazing kids

I'm also impatiently waiting for the next seasons of The Walking Dead & Sons Of Anarchy.

Replies are super slow right now, so If I haven't got back to you yet - I'm not ignoring you and I will reply when I can. Thanks =)

***Uploads are slow and I have no routine. I write when I can and upload when it's done.**

~*~ Free Fall Life ~*~
Don’t pre plan life, just wing it and live; be spontaneous. Remember, sh*t happens, it’s life, but don’t let it be a barrier, don’t let it hold you back.
Quoted from my sister <3

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Disappear for awhile and come back to a new version and no clue to what I'm doing haha. 
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She's One Of The Boys

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Description: Secrets do not stay hidden for long. Have you ever had a secret that you would do anything to keep from your own family? Coming home from being at boarding school for an entire year is something Eva has drea...

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