Okay so where exactly do I start about myself?
My name is not lilly xD lil-lilly is just my pen name xD call me Ina, llama or whatever random name you have for me xD

weeelll I'm 18 years old; most of the time I'm pretty childish and happy but I do have those days where I'm sad and very very mature xD
Currently living in the UK (And wanting to move to America; the typical american dream xD, or maybe Canada :D)
I'm hopefully going to be studying graphic design and advertising this summer; everything has been so bust and I've hardly had any time to write :(
I love llamas :D High-tops, cookies and anything chocolate ;D
Also I love accents ^_^ especially american ones :D
My imagination is pretty wild and I'm pretty weird; as loads of people have not hesitated to tell me xD
I like to sing (privately xD) , write,read, draw and make people happy ^_^

I get stressed out a lot so I try and relax as much as I can
I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my writing; its almost as if it's my little secret that's guarded close to my heart xD so only my closest friends know and of course all you wattpaders ;) so if anyone else who knows me personally and has found me: hoooowww did you find me when I've been so ninja about this xD

I've learnt that everything is hard in one way or another but when you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything and whatever you do only be yourself, as cheesy as that sounds it's true :D
One last thing isaybellamarie is the most amazing person ever and the best friend you can have and she's been there for me when I felt I was going crazy, I truly love her xD
loooookkk its a llama:

ξ •ェ• ξ
ξ ~ ξ
ξ  ξ
ξ  ⌒~~~~〇
ξ   ,    ξ
ξ ξξ ξ~~~ξ ξ
ξ_ξ ξ_ξ    ξ_ξ.

I read all your comments and messages and they all make me smile so very much especially since I've been really stressed lately D;
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~ "I'm a secretary, a Virgin and guys see me as a Sex symbol"~

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Description: Don't forget to read Chapter 40 of "Boarding school+ Boys Bet+girls revenge=SCHOOL OF PLAYERS ;)" before reading this or it wont make much sense :) So here it is the sequal to "Boarding school+ Boys Bet+girls revenge=SCHOOL OF PLAYERS ;)" This is m...

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~You paid me to fall in love with you, and now you want a refund?!~*on hold*

~You paid me to fall in love with you, and now you want a refund?!~*on hold*

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"Marriage should not be taken lightly", well tell that to our parents!*on hold*

"Marriage should not be taken lightly", well tell that to our parents!*on hold*

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~I want a prince charming, not some american Jerk!~*on hold*

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decembergal posted a message to lil-lilly
Man, don't delete. I just found your work and started with it. It's awesome. Please don't go. You can update whenever you can ✌ but don't quit writing. 
It's absolutely sad that you'll delete this account of yours! PLEASE DON'T DELETE. ToT I'm still reading your works again. It's one of my favorite English novel. I'm gonna miss you! But anyway, if this is what you want, I'll support you no matter what! :) Thank you for creating SOPlayers! <3

From what I had on my phone's notes which I had written close to two years ago, it says 
      there's was going to be a whole thing going on where Austin doesn't let Alexis see her family  but he convinces her to fall in love with him, everything is fine for a a year until she sees him cheating on her with Marry-Anne, she tries finding Blake and finds out he's engaged to Mary-Anne, so she tells him she caught Austin with Mary-Anne but he doesn't believe her.
      Everything goes bad for her and so she wants to die because Austin asks for her family to be killed due to the fact that she hadn't returned to him.
      Alexis flirts with a vampire slayer and asks him to kill her but he's gotten to know Alexis and refuses to kill her. 
      That is all I had written down on where I was going to go with it
To my readers and anyone else who has supported me throughout my time on Wattpad,
      I have decided to delete my account in a week or less, the reason behind this is I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life and so it’s hard for me to cope with a lot of things, mainly my university work. 
      I just want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read, comment and vote on my works, so thank you all. Even the people with the negative comments, you took the time to read it so I can thank you for that. 
      I’m sorry for not being able to carry on but I feel like I am making the right decision for myself, I wish all of you the best in life so thank you, I will miss a lot of you as I had gotten to know a lot of you which was fun so I will cherish those memories.
      So thank you all for the good times