My name is top secret, and my dream in life is to be an author. But most on this site have that dream so it's not a very big thing. 
I love anime, it's one of the only things I can easily admit to loving. My current favorites are Akatsuki no Yona; Garo no Honoo; Gundam Build Fighters; and Tokyo Ghoul in that order.
My goal this year is to read 100 hundred books, and I already have a good start! Of course I don't include manga in that because I read a LOT of manga in a week.
My current goal is to watch as much Digimon as I can in preparation of the new season of Digimon Adventures coming out this spring. I can't wait! My favorite series is Digimon Frontier.
I have tons of goals, and I plan on having some time of story posted at some point this year. If not I will hate myself for eternity.
If you have read this far then Congratulations! You're more bored than I am!
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My guide to awesome anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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Description: Although animes such as Bleach or Naruto or Deathnote or Inuyasha or Code Geass rock. I did not list any of those anime. If you wanna know about those just turn on the tv! No, the anime I will be lsting are on...


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