Paragliding Tools Summary

Paragliding is one of the kinds of extreme sporting activities that enable an individual to climb to the skies and appreciate flying under the clouds. For flights, special paraglider equipment is required, which not only enables the professional athlete to fly, however also safeguards him in case of unpredicted scenarios.


The paraglider appears like a parachute, yet it has its very own peculiarities in design. It is an extended wing with air intakes, passing through into which the air increases the whole structure with the pilot. The dome is constructed from unique strong as well as waterproof fabric as well as is divided right into areas, some sections are open for air accessibility, sections along the sides of the wing are closed as well as are called "ears". The last provide form as well as security.

The paraglider has lines with a complex branching system that develops several tiers. For their manufacture, a long lasting material is utilized that can withstand tensile stamina approximately hundreds of kilograms. With the help of a sling the paraglider is connected to the suspension system in which the person sits. Below the lines there are control handles called brakes. If the pilot intends to offer a roll to the right, it suffices to pull for the ideal brake, if the left is for the left, drawing both the brakes, the pilot will reduce the rate at the touchdown.

There are a number of courses of paragliders.

Standard - rather straightforward to manage designs, well matched to novices, naturally, flight characteristics are not the greatest, but they are dependable and also forgive little mistakes;

Efficiency - a transitional course that needs a lot more demands for the pilot, but you can also "squeeze" from it far more compared to from the previous version;
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