It would be hard for me to call the programme I recently installed on my desktop simply a registry cleaner. After a single session of use and subsequent fiddling around - lasting less than half an hour, I would call this one of the most well thought out programmes on the internet today. I would even label it as being the ultimate registry fix for Windows-based computers.
They layout is simple, Spartan even, but don't let that fact take away its direct design, clear fonts and easy to use panels. There are no instructions necessary, the is literally self explanatory in nature - a layman's layman could use this without any fuss. Firstly, on its primary job as a registry cleaner, it does so winningly, the execution of its scanning tool to its final report is fast and efficient; a complete tactile experience. When one clicks on the 'Registry' tab, one is greeted with a registry integrity submenu, which lists all the problems known to plague registries in Windows world wide.
From missing shared DLL's to obsolete software and application paths, there are exactly 15 spotlighted problems that are completely customisable. If you know what your problem is, you can just click it and a thorough scan and identification will ensue. However, I would recommend that all the ticks be filled, as a complete scan and fix of my registry took less than one full minute.
  • JoinedMarch 13, 2020