Five facts about me:
(1) I'm Zana the banana apparently. A nickname I'm not too fond of but hey ho, you take what you're given :P

(2) I eat frozen penguins, they just appear in my freezer, but only for breakfast. I'm sorry to all the penguin lovers; that's just how life is *ashamed face*

(3) I want 26 kids so I can name them after each alphabet

(4) My favourite number is 107 and I have been 107 years old for the past 5 years. Yeah, dwell on that...

(5) blood red is my favourite colour but my parents despise it so I have nothing red really.

Also I am Muslim (as you've probably figured from the picture) and completely proud! I have fallen in love with everything that is Islam, I have fallen in love with Allah!

Favourite writer of the month: @mixed-up-emo

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Description: At the tender age of 14, Eva was given the power to take away lives with the click of a button. Growing apart from society norms, she was convinced that the lives of others were in her hands. Until one day, 7 years later, a creature from her past ap...

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Talking to a Nobody (In serious need of editing) *shameful face*

Talking to a Nobody (In serious need of editing) *shameful face*

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Awhh, well, I guess you can tell now that Dawson mean more to her than I originally thought. That's kinda cute. Although, I liked it, I thought it was a little short and content less. Maybe you could add more description of how she felt to lengthen it and just a little more so we could feel her emotions. Words can go a long way and can move the reader. Just add a little more of her thoughts and how much they mean to her maybe? That may add more content to the chapter
      But, OH MY! we find out that she's different from the others, like Dawson. I want to find out more about this aspect, you clearly tickled my curiosity, can't wait to read on. For now, I shall get some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow on my way to the harry Potter studio, I will be able to read more of your story. Excited to see what this story has in store. :D

The way you built their friendship here was pretty cool. You put time and description into this and you can tell that they are really close. I think their relationship is cute. The way they can calm each other down is really cool! The fact that they are opposite is awesome. I love how this story is developing. I would like to know more about Lizzie and the world that they live in though. More about the history and where they are etc..
      Other than that, this was a good chapter. Loving it. A lot of imagination must have gone into this. Such a great effort :D