I'm an American (Black)  18 year old girl and 
• I love to read
• Tumblr
• Hot boys
• Almost any type of music
• Nail polish
• Notebooks
• Lyrics
• I’m very blunt(sometimes it’s a problem)
• I’m in love with anything that has to with romance (Hopeless Romantic here)

Well I love anything Romance, that's what I'm here for. The only stories I read are cliche, girl loves boy romances. I love
• Werewolves
• Arranged marriage
• Pregnant with his baby
• She has to be his fake wife
• Falling for the bad boy
• Accidental marriage
• Met by accident love
• Happy Endings

I HATE Fan-fics, love triangles, guy bestfriend interference(in stories),any sequels, trilogies whatever, and stories where important characters die, so no sad stories!(I'll feel empty for days)


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Description: Carson Ford didn't have time for relationships or a family. It wasn't in his schedule but when he learns about his Father's dying wish he has no choice but to give just that to him. His father wants a grandchild of their blood and Carson couldn't di...

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Consorting Jordan

Consorting Jordan

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Alpha Gage was known for his ruthless army when threatened and his words... or lack thereof. It was said...

Chasing December (#wattyawards2015)

Chasing December (#wattyawards2015)

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There was something about him. Or maybe there was something about me. I didn't want him in my life but h...

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Temporarily His

Temporarily His

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He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family. "Blaze the last thing I want you to...

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Trusting the Alpha

Trusting the Alpha

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The pack, that I come from was horrible, their was no such thing as being mates with your true mates for...

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Hey guys! I still hate college lol. But I feel a little insignificant bit better, so I will be using that to write today and tmro to have chapters of hopefully both books up this weekend. Idk what it is about Consorting Jordan (CJ) that I feel so strongly about. I do like the TBMS, but I dont have as much inspiration for that story yet. I'm waiting for the moment that it hits me and I know exactly what I want the strong point to be. Go comment and vote on those and make my day! Thanks!
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So, College like I said, is big load of bullshit. I fuckin hate it with all my heart and I wish I never had to go back. I hope I get rich from the lottery or some shit so I dont have to go anymore. I hate this shit. 
      I cried all day yesterday, and today, and I talked about finishing the year and just going for my assosiates instead of my bachelors and my Dad is all for whatever I want but my mom is acting like it's the most disappointing thing in the world. 
      I'm really depressed about college. Like I'm not eating, I can barely sleep, and my friends say they cant literally see the sadness in my eyes. That place is making me physically sick.
      I dont have depression or anything, but I feel as though this place will literally drive me to it.
      Thanks for everyone who commented on Consorting Jordan, a new chapter of that and The Businessman's Surrogate will be up as soon as I can. I'm just really sad atm.
      Thanks also to the people who wished me luck and hoped for the best of this college bs. I tried. But it's just not worth it to me. I'm going to continue to go because my mom wants me to, and all. But my sanity is tearing with it.

Of course they are. I personally believe that people who break up cant continue to be friends--so if that was the case they wouldnt be around each other. Tristan and Anna are perfectly happy together.
      AndI knew I was forgetting something. But Anna got her scars from training gone wrong. She was too busy paying attention to Kalian. Who was supposed to be her distraction--Ryan wanted the gang to be able to do anything under any type of pressure. She wasnt looking and she got caught in a trap of some kind. Kind of how like Peter got his scar.