okay ummm what to say on this thing????

hi im georgia :D
my full name is georgia magret pearl:D
im an ozzie and proud:)
i have borderline depression....
im easy to get along with and once i trust you and we are really close you will see a side of me that nobody knows
i gett crazy and can make a fool of myself ...eg walked into the front door and forgot to turn the handle woopie:D
my friendships can last forever if you
1) dont piss me off and call me gunje???!?!?!?!!?!?
2)dont break my trust coz once u lose that shit you cant gain it back
i love piercings and cammeras:D:D:D:D:D:
somepeople might find it hard to understand me coz i push you all away but that is me testing to see who will actually be there or me in the long run.


1) do you prompt people?
A) yess on tumblr too! addd

2)how old are you?
A) just turned 15 bitches!!

3)how many bfs have you had?
a) 2 one being sweet the other was and butt hat!

4) where in the world to you live
A) wouldn't you like to know

5) fav person in the whole world?
a) my cousin i love her sososos much <3 ily cuz

6) what song do people say reminds them of me?
a) well there are a few! * 1. when I'm gorn by eminem!
2. i miss you by miley cyrus
3. tear drops on my guitar by tay swift<3

7)have you or will you ever attempt suisid?
A) yes i have attempted and i will probably attempt again.

8) do you play an instrument?
A) yes i do i play the guitar!<3

only person i know on here is @Sadness123
she is awsome

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