I love all things 'period' and 'historical' and find that it's my favourite genre of film and reading material. My favourite things are books, good TV, classic novels and their adaptations, music, travel and writing. I've spent many years writing a bit of this and that, a hobby which unfortunately, I don't always have enough time for - something I wish to change.

I hope those of you who read my story (ies) enjoy them and give me some honest feedback regarding your thoughts.

If you like my Arrow fic called "Home" and would like to read some more, I wrote two follow up stories, one about Thea and Tommy (prior to us discovering that they're brother and sister - what a load of trash) called "Chemicals React" and another called "You Found Me" featuring Slade and Laurel. I wrote them as a trilogy, so best to read in sequence although not necessary. Oliver and Felicity do feature in both. It can be found here:

Happy reading!!

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ladyofglencairn ladyofglencairn Jul 06, 2015 10:57AM
For those of you reading and following "Undone" I have two chapters left before the end. Unfortunately I leave for Comic Con today and won't be back home until the last week of July. I could post the...
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