I'm sorry for not updating. 
          	Long story short, I just dont feel like writing as much and when I do, the plot I imagine doesn't seem to work. 
          	The plot doesn't really have the feeling I want and the transition is just off. 
          	I'm sorry. 
          	I dont think I'll update any time soon either, idk, maybe. 
          	No promises doe. 


@lIDayDreamerIl oh it's fine! you can take your time :)
          	  i'm a new follower <3
          	  i have a request, as i am a new writer could u perhaps try reading my book plz? 
          	  a successful writer like you could lend me some advice plz?
          	  it'll be a pleasure <33


Hi , i am also just a fangirl . It's nothing special . But can you do me a favor.
          After fully reading the 8th member novel , i wanted to read a story which is also a 8th member story. Just the boy member i want to have it girl version. Not fully same like that story but i want it to be like it has also the era , the theory, in the story , in the mvs like that story. I don't know if I had described it well but i really want to read this type of story. I have read so many 8th member story hoping it to be like yours but it's the story of just love not like performing like an really 8th member.So i am hoping that you can do me this favor. I had become a big fan of yours after the 8th member story. I have told so many authors to make it but none of them really did it . So i am hoping you do like the hints i have told you. Sorry if anything i have said hurt you. Bye see you in your next stories comments 
          Love you