Hey guys I have decided to open up my instagram so I can connect to you guys better. Wattpad messages make it very difficult for me to answer and talk to you guys and instagram DM’s are a lot more accurate and just faster for me in general. So make sure to follow me on Instagram at kx.be and don’t feel scared to drop by and say anything. Love you guys! :) -Kobé


Did you change your ig name


Hi, and "Wet" doesn't sound that Nasty. It's just relating to something that relates to water.
          I think I made it worse and much more weird with what I just said. Anyways I'm pretty sure u meant good.
           Andrea xxx


I have read Wet,I really appreciate the way you were able to accomodate both cultures. It shows humanity and respect for all. Thank you


Are you still active on this account?...Just asking... I really love your books.. Pls. Continue with Drenched...but No pressure I'm just waiting for updates about it.. It's making me insane...lol..