Hello guys. 
          	I know it has been a while-more like years- but here I am. I am putting the private chapters in a separate section. Hopefully it will help. 
          	Thanks for the support, though I think undeserving because I felt like I abandoned you guys. But life got in the way, and I hardly have enough time. 


@krislegg21  please please please put the chapters 27 and 28 
          	  for putting up resistence


Please putting up resistance please......
          	  When I start reading it,it was interesting but without all the chapters the books are no more that interesting.please I can see u put the chapters of ours to love thanks alot for your hard work please and please and please I hope u can put missing chapters for putting resistance is really a good hardly to find an interesting novel like that this day.please .......I hope u can consider my request I really hope so thanks.


thank u!!! i can now continue reading ours to love!!!thank u!!


Hi ours to love is missing chapter 23 do you think you can uploaded it again please i really love your book and I don't think it would make sence. 


Love love love Ours to Love. I will say although the villain and backstory and revenge was a little out there it was also I was very original. I would like to know if there are any plans for a sequel? I would love to know if the couple ever gets to have Cubs and how that would even work. 


Just finished reading Ours to Love. Really great read, it has an interesting storyline and great characters. It’s just a bit difficult keeping a track of the missing chapters, maybe if you could put author notes saying to see missing chapters book or something. Keep up the great work.