hey everyone thanks for making my night read my first story 


Just passed by to say (i know i look like a weirdo)
          have a good day, don't stress urself ,hope you're doing fine  <33
          (i luk lyk a creep but i swear i am not, just felt like sending gud words of positivity to you )


@JiminsJamstae Don't worry I would have done the same and thank you for the words of encouragement


Hey would you like to check out my book, "BTS imagines and preferences"? You might like it. Also, I have a Vkook ff going on (called Liar) so you can check it out too maybe! ^_^ Have a nice day!


Hey! @kpoplover265 Thanks for checking out my SF9 ff! I hope u also check out my new Jungkook ff and maybe throw in some votes and comments! Thanks so much :)

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