Hey! It's me! I love reading Warrior books. Pls check out my book: The life of an evil one.
I love all my fans equaly. Thank u for those who DO fan me... Im very greatful for the 3 fans i have. im trying my best to make it in "What's Hot" on wattpad. PL COMMENT VOTE AND FAN MY WARRIOR BOOKS!
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    non of ur beez wax!!
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koolkd koolkd Apr 17, 2011 09:02PM
Thank you so much for those who vote for my book. im trying as hard as i can to make it to "Whats Hot" 
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Warriors: The life of an evil one

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Description: Snarlclaw is the killing type... He kill's Tallclaw (River Clan's 1st deputy in this story) and will kill many more... Read this book to find out how his life works.


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