Alright guys I'm starting a new story. My Valentine Stalker. Let me know what you think. 


hi again, lol i feel like im being a bother hahaha....anyways, new stories have been up and i was hoping I would be able to get some feedback from you. lol u've been such a great friend, and fan. ...so much patients for books I hardly ever updated, but I have many updated now <3 ENJOY!!


hi there!! idk if you remember me or not, but i wrote a couple of books that you really enjoyed. one being BLOOD THIRSTY and im very sorry it took me a little over a year to get back to the one you really liked :p...but its up now, chapter 6!! lol so i really hope you like it and ill be looking forward to hear from you soon :D 
          Forever and Always, ~Danielle Maire


Okay, after months and months of waiting i can finally give you the news i've been dying to share... The NHT will be up again!!! :D 
          My high-school career is offically over in 2 weeks so my writing career will begin :D
          So, NHT shold be up again in 2-3 weeks (more likely 2)
          And then i will have a full free 10 weeks of writing time, so hopefully i will finish the first book this summer and then be able to post it regularly to you :D
          You need to read it again as things will be very different! 
          There will be some new characters introduced, some who will have a major impact on the story. Also, some of the more minor characters will have a bigger role than initially intended. 
          I've actually had a whole turn around on this story, and the ending of the trilogy will be different than what i had planned. 
          The majority of things will be the same but i would urge you to read it again as you will probably get confused if you dont :) 
          Double But...
          i need your help... i've just realised that there is another (actually published) series called the night huntress, so you are very creative people and i want some names thrown at me. 
          What should the night huntress trilogy be named??? bearing in mind it is a trilogy involving: 
          vhampyres/vampires/vampyrs <----- all will be explained later. 
          So thankyou for sticking with me, i dont know if i would have been as patient and loyal as you have been. 
          2 WEEKS!!!

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