Hey there:) 

Just an average writer who absolutely loves all pairings:)

I mostly write about Anime couples:) My favorite is Durarara:)

I write alot of genderbent stories that I hope everyone enjoys to read:)

I enjoy reading fluffy and smutty stories:) Sorry~ (^ 3 ^)*

Please check out some of my stories and comment what you like?:)

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The Wedding(ShizuoXFem!Izaya)

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Description: Shizuo and Izaya are planning to get married. During the engagement the two deal with criticism, trust, and even doubt. Will the two find their differences and continue the marriage? Read More To Find Out What Will Happen Next!!

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Shizuo and Izaya are going through problems with their relationship, will they stay together for the sak...

The Test (Shizuo/Fem!Izaya)

The Test (Shizuo/Fem!Izaya)

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Shizuo is studying for a big test that he is determined to pass but a certain someone keeps distracting...

Hey guys! So currently working on the new chapter of "The Wedding". It will be updated very soon! So please stay tuned and tell me what you guys think! Thanks to all the people who appreciate and enjoy the stories I write! There will be more to come! 
Hey guys! Long time no see! Sorry! >.< 
      Sorry I've really left my stories unfinished and haven't been updating in like AWHILE. But it's my senior year of high school and I got really busy in the past months and didn't really update because I thought people had no interest in my little stories (/.\) but ever since I was constantly getting comments and messages saying I should update & people enjoyed my stories I had to get back to writing:) So now that spring break is right around the corner I shall have an update on both stories very soon! And a little more later! Please stay tuned for any more updates! 
      ~Thanks! <3