I'm fun and I've been writing since forever but had recently stopped due to heartbreak. But I found the will to break my writers block and continue. :) I'm not all the more interesting except... OMG  I'M GONNA BUY SOME CHOCOLATE PENISES YOU WANT ONE?!!... I never said that O.o so uhm yeah I'm like a relationship advice giver that all my friends go to. You know if you've got any problems and need that advice you could ask. So yea oh and I'm a juggalette Bye  :P My pen name is Alice.

Mondays- The Wolf's Kitten(MxM)
Tuesdays- Young Blood
Wednesdays- The Ghost of My Dreams
Thursdays-Spellcasters:The Power Revealed
Fridays-Love of a Drummer Boi
Saturdays and Sundays- new and on hold books being edited.

GOALS FOR This year-
Update faster
Longer chapters
More votes
More comments
More Followers

Love you All
Love, your kitty ^.^
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kittykatlove69 kittykatlove69 a month ago
The Wolf's Kitten is up now. It was done last night but I fell asleep before publishing it. I will update Young Blood and As She Commands later today.
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