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Yo my dudes! The name's Kittycat and I am a very fabulous (*cough* horrible *cough*) artist! Feel free to check out my stuff! My stories aren't finished, but you can always check them out! Pm me anytime too, I love a good chat!

♡-Certified Trashbin-♡

~I am a female, but you can call me whatever.~


•Status (I may forget to change cause of lazy me):

[x]On & Off
[]Sinning (sometimes)
[]Gone for awhile
[]Writing Fanfics
[]Reading stories on here
[]School stuff
[]Sleeping (or trying to)
[]Watching Anime

∆-People you should follow!-∆

-RandomFabulous (soul sis that's overly Fabulous)
-Banana8244 (best friend that's a cutie *kawaii*)
-Brownie_04 (fabulous friend that is really cool)
-OneAngelTail (fabulous friend that is really amazing)
-Napstaa (fabulous friend that is always there)
-trashofallkinds (super amazing person that's supportive and fabulous!)
-chic-ken-nuggets (fabulous friend that is super sweet and hhhhh-)

☆A little about yours truly: ☆

~I'm an age you don't know.

~My birthday is May 6th. ♉

~I seem to be in dead fandoms.

~I'm straight as a board. (Nah I'm bi)

~I draw a lot.

~I wish I was cool, which I'm not.

{Quotes cause why not}:

"Pain demands to be felt."

"Without pain, how could we know joy?"

((Wow you made it to the end of this monstrosity. Have a brownie!))
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kittycat195268 kittycat195268 Sep 03, 2018 05:29AM
Ay it's been awhile since I've been here, cause i moved to Instagram. If you wanna follow me, my user is 0_katlady_0Hope y'all have been well. 
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Is this what they call....art? by kittycat195268
Is this what they call....art?
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