I request you don't read anything I have published, it's at least a couple years old, and my writing then was terrible. I don't know if Ill start writing again, I've taken up fine arts now, but who knows?

Anime I've watched:
naruto, deathnote, vampire knight, OHSHC, fruits basket, hell girl, black butler, tokyo mew mew, nabari no ou, trinity blood, chrome shelled regios, devil may cry*, soul eater, yu yu hakusho, attack on titan, sands of destruction, akuma no riddle, blue exorcist, owari no seraph, Steins Gate, and more
I love cats =^^= I consider myself a neko as well

I love the horror genre, it's the best
I draw and paint.
I go by Neko-Chan and Nekomi usually, but call me what you like ^^=

Fall Out Boy is my favorite band, but I listen to MCR, PTV, SWS, P!ATD, and tons more
I'm also a fan of J-rock and Vocaloid


I love to roleplay, feel free to start up a conversation with me anytime, I have plenty of OCs ><""

R.I.P. to all the fictional heroes we have come to love the most

|\ /\
( uu)_)

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kitsunekuroshi kitsunekuroshi Oct 12, 2014 07:54PM
@AshleePeterson very much yes ^-^
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