Here is a little about me:
1. I'm Christian
2. I am a type 1 diabetic
3. I love Sherlock, Bones, NCIS, Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, Vampire Diaries, and How I Met Your Mother
4. I want to live in Narnia
5. My favorite meal is breakfast, I would eat it for every meal every day if I could and would devour at least one book every day if I could.
6. I have a major sweet tooth which conflicts with my diabetes quite a bit.
7. I like sitting by windows and soaking up sun not to tan but because I love the sun and the warmth and acting like a cat.
8. I'm a hopeless romantic, even if I know most romances aren't very realistic.
9. I've found who I believe I will spend the rest of my life with, but we aren't getting married yet because we are both still in college.
10. I really love this site and appreciate all the people who have been brave enough to put their writings out there for others to enjoy.
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kitbird529 commented on Virtue and Vice - Chapter Twenty

“Too bad, Max isn’t here tonight,” Oliver said. “He would’ve liked to meet you. He’s always ribbing Seb about this girl he only ever talks about when he couldn’t escape us fast enough and get drunk.”
Guys, Max and Brandon are different people.
kitbird529 commented on Virtue and Vice - Chapter Nineteen

“Sebastian, I need you,” I whispered shakily, my hands gripping the hem of his shirt and pulling it upwards.
It's much harder to give someone up when you love them so much. Trust me, it's so easy to forgive everything just so you can be with them.