A massive thank you for all the support guys :) it honestly warms my heart.
Anyways onto more about me.

| I'm seventeen years young |
I'm from the Caribbean
I enjoy reading & writing (duh)
Tv shows are my guilty pleasure.
Some of which are: The 100, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries,The walking dead, How to get away with murder,Shameless,The Fosters,The Red band Society, American Horror Story, Misfits, Skins (UK),Dance Academy and the list goes on for about twenty more years basically .

Another fact is I have the tendency to go through some serious period of blocks for writing ideas and my life is pretty hectic and I'm suckish with time management so updates aren't going to be every other day.

I also love love love watching anime. And I'm a sucker for video games like The Last of Us and Beyond Two souls so any one mind funding me a ps4? Haha I'll love you 5ever.

I have a passion for video editing so I'm a YouTube addict somewhat and I plan to venture into movie/book trailer making so request some time.

And I'm out of things to say ......Sad that I can write an entire fifty books on my favorite ships but i can barely conjure facts about myself. Yeah I'm lame like that.

Hahahah awks.

@HolyBieberoni ♥ ♥ ♥
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