Ok so I've been thinking about this for awhile and I wanna rewrite my books without smut in it. For me it gets uncomfortable writing it and I keep cringing everytime I read my books over that have them in there. For me fluff and angst is more of my type to write but also I'm rewriting them bc I'm not happy with how they are. Seeing as how my writing improved a bit since then I wanna rewrite them as it should be. Love or hate will be fun rewriting over bc it won't really be the same just more.... intense. So if you don't see one of my books it's bc I'm working on them. Hope you guys understand and have a good day/night ❤️


@kirshyboo i get what you mean. writing smut is a talent that not everyone can possess. or even if they can, it's still cringey in one way or another. there's no win situation so don't feel bad


I wont mind at all. I might be glad actually, I dont like reading smut as much or want to anymore, I cringe at those memories. I respect your choice 


@kirshyboo okayy! I understand :) I like fluff more now to 


Kirshy are you alright? This is probably the only message I’ll write here so... Anyways, I thought your account got deleted and I checked AO but your not there either. We miss you and wish you to come back to us. I hope you are doing well with whatever is going on. We all wait for your arrival back.