I've spent the last 7ish years writing and drawing comics (Red Light Properties, Shooting War, 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail, "Kelly", Everyman: Be the People) for various book publishers, ranging from proper to self, and am lately working on TV/film projects as well. Recently my illustration work was featured in Taschen Books' Illustration Now! 4, which is apparently a big thing. 

If you like what I'm putting up here, you should check out my current comic series now called RED LIGHT PROPERTIES which you can read for all your devices & such. It's an ongoing series of ghost-drama stories about a family-run Miami Beach real estate office that cleans and sells haunted houses:

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Story by Dan Goldman
Toucannuí: Gringo in Brazil Stories by kinjin
Toucannuí: Gringo in Brazil Stories
In late 2009, Dan Goldman unplugged from New York City, got rid of everything he owned and moved to São Paulo...