In January 1995, Khyati Undavia gave birth to twins, and she is now the delighted mother of three children. As a working mother and company owner, she aims to serve as an exemplary working woman. She frequently cared for her children while clutching a cup of coffee and working late into the night.

She considers her daughter's poetry "An Ode to Mother" one of her most prized treasures. In the poem, her daughter celebrates her mother's tenacity and all the efforts Undavia made to ensure the success of her family. It reads in part, "A faithful being ever since my birth / I have always loved your strength / Always going to tremendous lengths for me / You made me feel I was capable of great things."

She adores spending time with her family and has made her elderly parents an integral part of her more prominent extended family by being actively involved in their life. This passion extends to her dealings with patients and how she handles everyone who enters her business seeking drugs or other things.
  • Houston, TX, USA
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