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Hello Beautiful people!
My name is Kubra and it's very nice to meet you. ^^ There isn’t much to know about me other than I’m a female (duh!) and I happen to be aged somewhere between 18 and 24. My star sign is Scorpio and even with my corrupt tendencies I’m not a bad person (well, I would like to think so anyways).

To me the word Lazy is such an ugly word (wouldn’t you agree?); I prefer the more fancy term selective participation; meaning the only thing you'll see me do is read. Guilty? Me think not!
I swear I’m not some creepy psychopath but I love me some ‘baby’ thigh! Preferably my nephews haha!

Surprise! Surprise (not!) American Muscle cars make me wanna do bad things, especially the GT Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger.

I'm a Uni student who hopes to major in Criminology and become a member of the police force and also maybe one day publish a book #lifegoals #detective #policelife #hopesanddreams

Anyways… I’m Turkish and obsessed with strawberry rice crackers. I read like I’m about to exhale my last breath. I sin because lets get straight here; who doesn’t? But I’m kind.
“I exist as I am and that is enough!” – Aflame.

Fave Books/Series: #FearYou #Consequences #BeautifulDisaster #FiftyShadesofGrey (I just had too..) #Bully #TomorrowWhenTheWarBegan #SinisterKisses #DateWithTheDevil #BoundbyHonor #BlackDaggerBrotherhood #GoldenDynsasty #VampireAcademy

Fave Movies: #LordOfTheRings (best series EVA created in screen) #PiratesOfTheCaribbean #HarryPotter #Underworld #ResidentEvil #JurrasicPark #TomorrowWhenTheWarBegan #FastandFurious #StarWars

Fav TV Shows: #OnceUponaTime #TheOriginals #TheVikings #HouseRules #GameofThrones #TheWalkingDead

Don't be scared to PM me - I don't bite and I love to chat. xx
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I never realised how hard it was to actually write out my imagination. I am so sorry for the waiting game guys.xoxo
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