Hey Guys!!!!!! So first of all thank you for stumbling upon my page. Did you like it ? LOL where was I ohh ok so lets get on a more "serious" note can't make any promises. I am an average teenager who likes spending way too much time on Wattpad. I like reading stories that has a tint of comedy actually you know what I like reading everything from romance to horror everything. I have a fun loving personality.I mean you have witness it already, right? If you didn't well great....I don't care. Anyways moving on I have published a story already Yeahey. I mean if you are curious the name is "A Mistral's LIfe" you can find it at @Agspol_22 and you might be asking why it is not in my account well I am not yet content with my capabilites and my friends are helping me with that. So thank you Daniella and Margarita. Thats there names by the way and ohh there account names are @FTAWARRIOR_051 and @Agspol_22. Ok don't worry I am actually planning to publish a book on my account so shhh it's a secret....ok it is not a secret anymore.Ok  let's talk more about what you are going to expect from all of my work/stories you are going to expect romance, science fiction,adventure and many more. As an author I assure you that you are getting good quality stories and I promise you that I put time and effort in all the books I will make. Ok that was deep thank god you survived.....ok that was not deep at all forgive my over exaggerating attitude. You know what I just realized that dammm this is a long description. Ok so I have to end it now here before I end it pls follow me and I will follow you back and yeah I recommend watching RWBY. It is an anime series by the way. It is soooooo good I am currently waiting for volume 6. The intro was soo good by the way. Ok I have to go now byee, sayonara and what else you call bye in other languages.
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