Black Lives Matter. Who cares about anything else


I am oyindamola an aspiring writer who can't get the hang of it. To be frank,  I have not read any of your books mainly because I am mainly into romances mainly teen, I read your interview on writers guide and I will be really glad if you can give me your advice and English is not my first language
          I would really appreciate it, Thanks in advance


Hye, I've read some of your story and it is amazing !! 
          I also have create a story :) 
          - Unknown Message ( 5 chapter )
          - Pyscho Killer ( 4 chapter )
          - Not A Boy ( 4 chapter )
          *The chapter will be updated soon !! 
          Don't forget to read, give a follow , vote , comment and share it to your friends. ♡
          thank you ♡


Hello! Here at Scholar Literature we try to review and push small creator’s books out for more to see. If interested please direct message us or consider following leaving suggestions in our community tab.


Sorry about the delay in starting the next section of Cutie Cutie Ghost Show. I am very overwhelmed about life but who isn't. I'll try to post once a week.


Hi friends, I hope everyone's doing OK and staying safe. Episode 2 of S2 of CCGS is all done & posted. Episode 3 will start in a about a week, just taking a few days to chill & deal with offline stuff. Stay good <3