Hello readers! This is an announcement to those following "Brother-in-Law & I"
          	Due to various reasons, I will not be updating the story anymore. 
          	BUT it is being REWRITTEN by a friend with me as editor on Webnovel. If you're still interested, I'd like very much for you to check it out at
          	Many thanks for your continued support and hope to see you there!


Hi I haven’t left any comments before in your previous story as It is uncommon for me to leave them, unless of my desperation for the author to update. 
          But I wanted to tell you the story was amazing one of my 5 favourites on Wattpad the way in which you developed your characters is incredible making me feel sad the whole story for both the main and secondary characters thing normally doesn’t happen in this plataforma as you only pay attention to the ones leading the story it was very well narrated and full of heart I nearly cried at the end I’m not going to lie my favourite character ended living a miserable life but it was comprensible and coherent to the story as if not it wouldn’t have sense as he didn’t follow the most powerful characters rules and for him to disobey them was one of the things which made me fall hard for him 
          Even though I am glad for the end of both the main Evelyn and Nero as they had many struggles on their lives and although I would of preferred her to end up with Lucían it would of been more unrealistic and Nero also deserved a happy ending
          Sorry for the long comment I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful story and tell you I hope you write more also sorry if I did a mistake with the character names is just I’m a failure at remembering names and numbers and writing without spelling mistakes in case you find many of those 


Hi...U have a very unique of writing..U reach to the hearts of the readers so does your characters ...Glad to come across your writings ...And really , if there are any vampires ..Then their life really would be filled with loads and loads of.memories...And to no avail, they have to live with that...And oh, yeah, mentioning about " disable" vampires.that is  something new for me to read when compared to other vampire stories....


@premadevi1983 i really appreciate you dropping by and letting me know what you liked about MVO ^^ it's definitely not like the conventional vampire stories here and I guess many people skip over it because of that, so ty for noticing it :)


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I just started reading Master's Vampire and I'm halfway done. The story is so unique and it's honestly a breath of fresh air. You are very talented and more importantly creative with your writing. Keep it up. I love your book. Hope you can sell all of your work one day.....or you already have....Lol. ♥


@sscrowned wow! thx for such a wonderful comment. never had that brought up before so I'm guessing that's a good sign :D


          Just wanted to know when will you update Beta & me. Approx how long will it take... I am opening Wattpad everyday, wanting to see an update bcoz I miss Ralphie


@Aragwin Hi! Thanks for checking up on Ralphie. Currently, the story is on an indefinite hiatus...(since I'm working on editing another work)
            I didn't know there were readers who would check or notice my absence so I'm touched you dropped by. I hope to get back on Beta&Me sometime soon.


Hi when will you update beta & me new chapters ... I am eagerly waiting for them .... They are quite interesting and fun ... Good work !!


@RIYASHARMA453 hi riyasharma! so glad to hear you like Beta &Me!! hehe. i try to update around once a week usually either on Wednesday or Friday, but I don't have set schedule because I don't want to rush a chapter either. thx for the support!


Hi my readers! Beta & Me, the follow-up to Master's Vampire Outcaste, is now published!!! So excited for the new journey and hope to see you there! ~kewpid :D

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