Ravenclaw - Gray Jedi - Avenger

I'm the founding member of the Morgan Stark Protection Squad

I can make an argument successfully supporting any Hogwarts house. Fight me. They all deserve to be appreciated.

I speak fluent sarcasm, self deprecation, and references.

Depressed, stressed, blessed mom friend.

I always have at least 3 different ideas running through my head but I follow up on none of them.

I would murder for my smol beans to get the recognition they deserve.

If you quote musicals/Marvel/Star Wars/the office/friends/Netflix comedy specials with me, I will love you forever and protect you until the day I die.

I have a fanfiction.net account too, also by the same name of kermittheshipper. haven't posted anything there yet either but whatever.
  • the brink of insanity
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