The kereru - New Zealand wood pigeon.

Me - I'm 80 years young, married to the same woman for 52 years and still love her.
Hobbies - eating, reading, writing, walking, and especially traveling.
Have had a few bits and pieces replaced - heart operation, cataracts, what-have-you. Now have a bad hearing problem - a nuisance in restaurants.
Otherwise a boring old sod who just enjoys life to the fullest and intends to continue doing so.
Lived in the US for various periods in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Just visited my 43rd State (Alaska) and 80th country (Cuba).
A few irrelevances - was in Birmingham, Alabama on the day of the riots, lived in Washington DC almost next door to the Watergate at the time of the break in, was in San Francisco when Harvey Milk was shot, have shaken hands with two US presidents. Was just over the border from Iraq when it was invaded; from Yugoslavia when it blew up; and almost got blown up by the Shining Light in Peru.
It's not surprising therefore that my adage is: "Life is far too serious to be taken seriously."

I started writing stories and poems for children in hospital when I was in my mid 70s. Just managed to finish my first mystery type novel before I hit 80. Keeps me mentally active.
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