Hey queen! I hope you’re doing okay during this time. There’s an urban book I would love it if you could please check out “ Secrets In The City” it’s really good. @FortuneEddie is the author. There’s mystery comedy drama romance sex it has everything. I know you’ll enjoy it and I would love to hear your opinion on it.


Aww @new_yorker1 thank you!! So much I appreciate it so much. And Ayee I’m glad you love it so far I hope you read the rest of it and engage with the book❤️ thank you for reading @kendraswrld


read the first two chapters and I’m already hooked , thankss for the suggestion <3


Thank you for adding my book to your reading list boo❤️Hope you enjoying the read! Don’t forget to Vote and Comment‼️☺️


Hey love, will you please do me a favor and go check out my book called “SIN” and lemme know what you think..