Hey yall! It's kaila(: (usually spelled kayla) 
** i live in california!
** im 19 (::
** i have a brother with down syndrome & he means the world to me. ILY Kyle.
** all of my siblings are (in age order) Kyle, Kenny, Me, Korey, Kaycee, Kelsey, & Kalva.
** Korey is a girl!! If u thought wrong.
** cheerleading & golf are my passion
** i listen to a lot of 90's rock & country
** i also looovvvee the black keys!!!
** born and raised on alabama(; but moved to cali for college!
** i have a fiance named James. Loveeehim.
** i suck balls at bios.. Obviously.
Add Me Guys And Gals(: I love chattting!!
Later yall!
P.S. ignore the story posted!! It's by my 11 year old sister... NOT ME!!
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