For my followers, I apologize for the long delays between updates, but alas, life is what it is. Rest assured, you will receive notice if I ever completely abandon a project.

I do occasionally make covers, so feel free to message me with a cover request, and I'll let you know if I can or have time. :) For examples of my work (beyond my own personal covers) check here: http://s791.photobucket.com/user/forevrfallenfromglory/library/Wattpad%20covers?sort=6&page=1 (password: wattycovers).

Some goals of mine:
[X] 500 fans
[X] 750 fans
[ ] 1000 fans
[X] 5,000 votes
[X] 10,000 votes
[X] 100,000 reads on 30 Ways
[X] 50,000 reads on Escaping
[ ] 75,000 reads on Escaping
[X] Finish a book.
[ ] Finish 5 (non-short story) books.
[X] Write and finish a sequel.
[ ] Write and finish an original novel.

...Um...you weren't supposed to see that last one...

Anyhoo...feel free to message me and ask me a random question. As for reading your stories...I'll try, but no guarantees. My time is divided between school, my future, taking over the wor-I mean, writing, and I don't have a huge amount of time outside of the stories I'm already reading. And if you post it on one of my stories, I probably will ignore/delete such requests. So only make requests here on my board, yes? Good. Glad we understand each other. :) I'm a really nice person, so don't be afraid of me. :)

1) Getting votes/comments/likes for Escaping and Achieving (my first ever series!).
2) Finding time to write a new novel. :)
3) Eventually completing The Ministry Has Fallen.

Everything else comes second to that.

Chat me up. :)

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30 Ways to Piss Off The Harry Potter Cast [Watty Awards 2011]

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Description: Do you have a death wish? Ever wanted to know how to piss off the members of the Harry Potter cast? Well now you know! 30 failproof ways to piss off Volde-er, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Snape, Malfoy Jr. and Sr., Bellatrix, the Golden Trio, Umbridge...

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