hello (=

at first, i was a silent reader.. but then... just randomly, i picked out a book and out of all those other (also good) stories that i have read,
i soooooooooooooooooooooo liked it among the rest.. and that pushed me to make an account because i really really really really want to Vote!


call me eroline.
yes, i'm Asian.

my reply to the question "why?" is always "why not?"

if i say "how come?" i'm leading you to an argument..
and later on i might say "on what ground?" or "what's your basis?"

i'm not a war freak or anything.. i promise *_*

i like:

wintermelon milk tea
McDonald's cheese burger
jack jonhson's compositions
Parachute (forever and always, kiss me slowly and she is love)
Marianas Trench (good to you)
stolen shots ^_^
wattpad :D


>>>dura lex, sed lex..

---the end DOES NOT justify the means---
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