HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!
          	Seven months ago, I received a call that opened a new door for me. A producer (Paul Shapiro of All in Media) was interested in Death is My BFF, and the coolest part was how passionate he was about my series. I knew he’d read it closely, since his favorite character was a minor one, Death’s quirky demonic slave, “Glenn”. (That made me LOL.) Maybe a few days after signing with Paul, I received another call that brought me to absolute SOBS afterward.
          	 I am humbled and thrilled to officially announce, after seven years of blood, sweat, and tears, working with Faith and Death, watching my beloved fans root for these characters and my career as an author… SONY PICTURES TELEVISION HAS ACQUIRED THE RIGHTS TO DEATH IS MY BFF!!!
          	This is ALL of the information I can share at this time, but with your love and help spreading the word of this news, I’m certain there will be even greater news to disclose in the nearby future!
          	Thank you to my family and the most loving parents, who have encouraged me to chase my dreams from the beginning. Thank you to my BEST friend, twin, and little sister, for being wise beyond her years with advice and having my back. Thank you to my sweet boyfriend for lending an ear (and love) when I need it the most. Thank you to my awesome likeminded and also individually talented friends on and off Wattpad. Thank you to all of my readers for their endless support, and thank you to Wattpad, for giving me the tools to express myself and discover my passion in writing. Finally, a special thank you to my entertainment lawyer during the contract drafting, Jill L. Smith, at Kleimberg Lange Cuddy & Carlo. She’s worked tirelessly to protect my work and me. This is what dreams are made of… *Hillary Duff song plays*
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@katrocks247 congrats!!!! thats amazing, so proud of you!!


@katrocks247 GO GURRRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Kat. I know that you told us to be patient with DIMSM but please it's been 3 years. 3 years for people who love this series who are still waiting. I know that you've been very busy at the moment but at least try to update a few times a year please❤️


You're telling me I have to read the original series of Death is my BFF in order to continuethe books, because I first reaf the rewritten version instead of the original one. I'm dead.

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