I’m so impressed by the fan art and costume pics that I’ve gotten so far for my Death is my BFF contest!! Keep submitting until this Halloween October 31st at 11:59 PM EST!!! Can’t wait to see your imagination! ;)))) 
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          	Also, a Halloween special is coming up for Death is my BFF!! ;))))) 
          	P.s- For those of who who haven’t seen my previous posts, my books are on hold until further notice. The Death Chronicles have been picked up by Sony Pictuees TV, so I’m really pulling my focus into those books so that I can get them published and kickstart my professional career. I have SO many book ideas and so much in store for all of my readers, but in order to keep doing what I love  most (writing) I have to be able to financially support myself, so it’s important for me at this time to focus on the Death series and publish them. I hope you will all support my Death Chronicles at this time and understand my situation! :))
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@katrocks247 DEATH IS GETTING A TV SHOW? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OHMGGGGG PLEASE BE SURE THE GUY WHO PLAYS DEATH IS SMOKING HOT. oh btw I found you through DIMBFF the old version which I adore and wish it hadn't stopped. The rewritten version is great but I will always have love for the original.


@katrocks247 Congratulations author! But I do hope you'll consider continuing Imagining Frost coz its still one of my favorite book here in wattpad! Been waiting and I'll keep waiting ❤️


@AubreyParsons Of course! Send it on over. ;) katarinaetonks@gmail.com! <3


Hi Kat,  I've been a fan of the Deaths series ( Original and rewritten) since the before first book was completed and have read the series about three times and I haven't really picked up on the differences. Now I'm convinced I'm a little slow when it comes to remembering details, regardless the series is my absolute favorite on Wattpad. I can't wait for the day that I get to hold hard copies of the books in my hands and see them take off into a TV series or maybe movies.  
          P.S: I have to say that after Cassandra Clare you may just be my favorite author. 


Hola amiga, es una pena que este en ingles bueno para mi , no puedo leer tus libros, deberias traducirlos en español para que asi podamos leerlos todos los que deseamos ....chao


Hi! So I read Imagining Frost so many years ago and I’m wondering if you’ll ever pick it up again. It’s an honestly amazing story ❤️❤️❤️ 

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