Ambitious. I've got a head full of scrambled ideas. I prefer posting fanfictions on Wattpad and keep most of the original ideas. I find it amazing to interact with people with a common interest, which is why I do that. 

Obviously (or maybe not so much), I love Katy Perry, what with my chosen username for here. Music helps me write, and I'm pretty much into a lot of different artists.

Don't be afraid to message me if you just feel like having a chat! I don't bite! Haha! I'd love to meet as much people on here. I love meeting new people.

I take different feedback as a learning experience. After all, you can't please everyone.

As of October 2, 2014:


I realized that I haven't been active on here lately. I thought it had been because of my busy schedule. Truthfully though, I just lost interest in writing about things that didn't challenge much thought. Most of my works that are popular on here are primarily Fanfiction. Regardless if my works were popular or not, I think I would have headed in this same direction.

I'm disclosing now that I have intention to become inactive here on Wattpad. While I had entertained the notion of deactivating the account completely, I decided not to on the basis that some of you had enjoyed my works for the past two years. If it made people happy, then I'd want them to come back to it.

What does this inactivity mean? I will no longer be posting new works, or updating works of mine that I had not written for already. I will be taking down the original works on my profile, but will keep the fanfiction works.

Whatever files I had that had not been uploaded regarding the fanfiction that I had made about a year ago but always forgot to post, I will be posting all in one go. However, if I had not written anything further from what I already have, those will sadly remain unfinished.

I enjoyed my time on here, and I got to meet so many people because of it. Thank you for the experience, and cheers to new growth!
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Description: Under the public eye, she was perceived as the weakling. Behind the closed doors of the training room, she was hostile and indifferent. It's time for the underdog's story. Johanna Mason hadn't planned on coming out alive, and after getting into the...


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