Hi hi! Thanks for checking out my profile! I'm not the most active person on here but I try ;) I'm a big Joshifer and Everlark shipper if you couldn't tell already. Anyways, I have a few stories on here that I think you should like go read lol

~So Captivating: Joshifer (Completed)
~A Joshifer Story (I know how original :p)
~Don't You See? (Not the most appropriate)
~Real or Not Real? (Everlark)
And a lot more coming soon! I'm working on them :)

Please go follow my fandom account @fanfiction.joshifer on instagram!
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katlover15 katlover15 Apr 13, 2017 06:04AM
oh lord I haven't used this account in forever and I feel really bad. BUT. I have an idea. How would you guys feel if I unpublished Captivating and A Joshifer Story? Only to rewrite both of them but...
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