My name is Kaitlin(ppl call me Kati,Kati-Bella,Kait,Katherine)
~ I have a polar bear. His name is Burt :3
~Oh see that cute little bugger in my back round..Well that is my son. Yes he is a cat. yes he is in a sink xD

Fav colours:Blue, Black, Red
Fav bands: Three Days Grace, Paramore, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Rascal Flatts, Metric, Falling In Reverse +MORE!
Fav movies: WAAAY to many to name because I'm a movie junkie xD

~ Have a thing for guys with scene hair,glasses its a weakness of mine
~ Scared to love :/

Things I dislike- the colour Pink-_- Valentines day, rlly bright lights, really preppy people-_-
~ Im more Tom-boy then girly girl xD
~ Vary shy but once i know you...look out its hard 2 make me shut up
~ I love tokies(cookies) and cupcake fights are hilarious xD

~ I have ADD and OCD
~ Depression a tad bit

Wanna know anything else message me :D I love to talk to new people so message me, i dont bite (most of the time) if i dont message back right away im just not on :$ so dont hate

<3 @EmmiexxZoey Shes my best friend in real life! Her books are amazing! so fan AND read her stuff ;) shes basically my sis<3
<3 @Dark-Shadow I LOOOOOOVE her story "Hey Mr.Prick. It's NOT a pleasure to meet you" GO READ IT!
<3 @Ghost_Of_You She is an awesome! friend :P and I LOOVE her story "You Killed Them" go read it ><!! its like :O a-maze-ing
<3 @IlIDarkDemonIlI he is my amazing kitty lover! Who MUST see my cat one day!!

I'm a brit down to my soul :3 Wish I wasn't in Canada -_-

| Police Box | [ ] single
| [#] [#] | [ ] taken
| o | [#] waiting for the HOT mad man with the flying blue police box
| [~] |
|_________ |

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Memory Loss

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Description: Bella woke up in a hospital room with no recollection of her past. Then one day when she's walking down a hospital hall, she bumps into a very attractive guy named Damen, who spends too much time in hospitals but won't say why. Bella can't decide wh...

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Bullied to the Limit

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AlvinIsBae posted a message to kati-bella
I'm shy but weird once you get to know me too! I also love making new friends and meeting new people. I also LOVE Goths. They interest me so much. I love their style so much! I also love rock music and I'm a bit goth myself. I hope we can be friends!
Working on a new Bullied Chapter and I came on here to see that Memory Loss is at 16,000+ Reads... I know I say this a lot but I mean it and am still shocked with all this. You guys are amazing and I wish I could hug you all
Memory Loss is at 15,000 reads and getting close to 16,000... Oh. My. Sweet. Plums. I'm crying right now. So much has been going on in my personal life that's been stressing me out and this just makes me so happy. Thank you guys so so much you have no idea what this means to me. Love you all <3 will try and work on Bullied to the Limit sometime in the near future