hi! it's been a while!
          	i just thought i'd pop on. 2020 has been a journey so far for us all in a lot of different ways, and i hope everyone is doing okay; i hope each of you is as safe, healthy and happy as you can be right now.
          	to everyone dropping comments and support on tuesday & max still: thank you so much. i don't always have the capacity to reply to everything i'm sent but i read it all. going through my email notifications, where i know things won't get lost, is one of my favourite things to do. if you'd ever like to chat to me, my inbox is always open, and messages there are easier for me to keep up with than through my notifications.
          	a little call out for story recommendations: i'd love it if you could recommend some of your favourites below for me to check out, especially if they're from writers of colour or LGBTQ+ authors. i'd like to be more conscious about how diverse the novels i'm reading are; i'm all too aware that it's easy to just click click click what i'm served in my recommendations and add them to my reading lists to work through without putting too much thought into it.
          	again, i hope you're all doing well, thank you for your support and please don't hesitate to reach out to me and chat if you'd like to. <3


@kateryderbooks Thank you so much!! <3


@kateryderbooks I'm doing okay! Life is hectic, but that goes for everybody, I guess?


@IzYoneyama you too! how are you? x


Hello, I wanted to ask your permission to make a translation of your story "tuesday & max", it is very nice and I would like people who cannot read it in English to do so in Spanish. I would publish it in my original account, giving your credits of course. Bye >.<


Hi :) !!Im currently writing a book called More To This  and id like for your advice/ feedback on how i can improve and which chapters you like so far ....this is much appreciated,  thank you


          I read Tuesday and Max a while back and I'm honestly considering rereading it :)
          It's the most wholesome book I've ever seen on this app (and I've been on wattpad for a while)
          If you ever publish it traditionally, I'm definitely looking for it.
          You're really gifted! 
          Have a lovely weekend :)


@PauletteOdongo what a lovely message paulette, thank you! i'm so glad you enjoyed it enough to want to read it again x


Hi! I've finished reading your Tuesday and Max months ago but... i just came here now to say i love your book. It's realistic. I like how the characters are not perfect human beings and how their life is not perfect or happy or fairytale-like whatsoever because in real life, it's not always sunshines and butterflies and smiles. 
          Have a good day (or night)


@yowmaria thank you so much! x


@PPandQuad oh thank you! x


Hi there! And good day, or night . I've just finished T&M and read all the parts the 44 chapters, the epilogue, the notes from the author and even the playlist. Though I've not paid the last one  big  attention. I read that you'd like to hear what would readers think so...  I'm here. Though it might not be of a big deal.
          It took me three or so days to complete the book because of some family bustles but boy am I delighted!! I really really REALLY loved it. Though I'm a bit of a broke, been like that for a while actually, I heard that telling what I think is some sort of payment to the author so...  Keep it up.  Whether you were a she or a he. NICE WORK!! 
          One thing that came to me though,  even before I've read the 'Notes from the author' part is that: What if Alexis, the 'Bitter butch queen' was like that because of something cruel that happened to her in the past OR what if there is a story that tells what changes she might show up having after she saw what Tuesday have came up to be?  The ideas you've mentioned are all cool too though. 
          Big fan of you already can't wait to read your other publication. Peace ✌. And bye . For now. 


@penstrike thank you so much! i'm glad you want to hear more about alexis, that's a super interesting idea... x