Hello people of wattpad. I'm pretty new to this. Uh....That Become a Fan button is sexy, I'd tap that. 
Not much to say about myself, but.........:
I love to write.
I'm funny.
I love romance and love.
I hate drama & fake people.
I love my friends.
I'm crazy.
I'm loud.
I have my moments...
I'm not going to say my age because you guys won't take me seriously if I told you.
I love all my fans.
I like rock and rap.
I love to sing and dance.
My favorite colors are: turquoise, lime green, and hot pink...TOGETHER.
If you ever need anything, inbox me.
I'm against bullying.
I have an instagram, so follow me.
I love the color black, but I'm not emo.
I'm pretty smart, but I do have dumb moments, I mean...who doesn't.
My motto is Got a problem? Solve it. Can't face me? Sit me down. Think I'm trippin'? Tie my shoe. Don't like me? Good. Hate me? Better. Don't know me? Don't judge me.
I could care less what you think about me, but when it comes to my writing, judge it.
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