Procrastinator. ●^●

Hi, I'm Kariell. Though I usually go by Crystal, you can call me either. Whatever you prefer!

Age: Double Digits
Real Name: First letter 'c'
Birthday: my birthday
Nationality: First letter 'c' last letter 'n'


Facts About Me

✧ I take a martial arts class (I dont go as much im busy)
✧ I'm neatly messy
✧ I have many phobias, I guess
✧ I absolutely love food
✧ I don't like people in general (I guess?)
✧ I hate crowds (Most of the time.)
✧ I love color (Lol, pretty random. But I do love color like I have a bunch of colors in my room. not rlly tho but yeah)
✧ I have many interests
✧ I'm awkward (?)
✧ fave color is... a lot.
✧ fave food is... a lot. once again
✧ I like a lot of things
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Manga Recommendations
Mostly Shoujo, Romance, etc. Some anime as well too, If I can. I'm doing this for fun, I literally ad nothing...
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