It's been awhile since I've even been on here.
I could give a lot of excuses. Family. Busy. Writers block.
I love writing. I love books. Obviously.
I'm a musician.
A mom of four. A wife of almost 15 years.
I'm almost 34 years old and I'm okay with that.
(Hey teens, wanna know a secret? It's okay to get old. In fact, it's a blast. Live life! Love yourself, no matter what.)

Growing up, I wanted to be a million different things. And a few years ago after discovering this website I discovered something about myself. Those ever changing desires to be so many different things? It was pointing to being a writer. I can be ALL of those things. I can be different people. In different places.

And to those of you who think it's cool to copy someone else' work and slap your name on it- you're awful. Don't you know you're stealing a piece of someone's soul. If you don't understand the power of words and the sanctity of someone's thoughts, fears, dreams and doubts that are written down then you're not really a writer. Shame on you.

I have a very short attention span. That's why I have many works that are not completed. That's a weakness. And I'm working on working around it. Figuring out what works for me.

For my faithful Sparrows- I have no idea if I'll ever finish that story again. I don't regret deleting the originals. I wasn't happy with them. And when you write- it's ultimately for you, not others. Remember that when you're writing. Don't worry about pleasing others- don't emulate others. Be inspired , yes. But be you. Don't follow a rule book. Rules were meant to be broken.

Except the socks with sandals rule. Don't ever break that rule please
It's tragic
It's just wrong
Just don't

That's all for now

Oh, I am working on something offline. I'm not sure I'll share it on here or not.
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Lost And Found (working title)

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Broken Sparrow (the new and improved?) (on hold...again..I know...)
I did

I did

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i almost squealed out loud when i saw your name pop up on my home page!
      back sometime in 2013, i randomly decided to create an account and try writing something, despite having never had any interest before in my life. it was a spur of the moment decision. my first chapters were a bit of a mess considering i was making the story up as i went along and i almost deleted them in embarrassment. but then you found my story (it had like three reads before you saw it lol) and left a comment. i decided that maybe it was worth sticking around because you were so encouraging and now, two-ish years later, i've finished my second book and have a few more almost done! i know this is a bit of a weird message but i just want to thank you, i would never have known that i adore writing if it wasn't for you. :3
      welcome back and can't wait to read all your new stuff! <3
Hello strangers. Yes I'm still alive. 
      I just wrote a new poem yesterday. 
      I think you'll enjoy it. 
      Check it out!
      Hope everyone is doing good!!
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
      But big shocker here (note the tone of shark) I'm not working on Broken Sparrow at the moment.  Sorry guys.  But I've got a story brewing like a storm and it needs to get out.  So I'll be uploading weekly (I hope) a new story one that I hope touches you as it's touching me.  The working title is Lost and Found.  And the song Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones was the inspiration.
      Hope to get your feedback, and have a great day!