aloha people!! ;)

well... where do i start? i suppose with my name would be good...

- i'm Evie
- i'm addicted to my laptop :D
- i love to read (obviously)
- i'm straight and single, YAY! ;)
- i am in love with Johnny Depp, HE IS MINE!

ermm... that's all i can think of at the moment... but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to pop up and ask... i won't bite ;) ...much!

If you have ever taken a blade to that beautiful body of yours, skipped a meal at least once on purpose, cried yourself to sleep because you weren't "good enough", Thought of/attempted to take your own life, repost this. Lets see how many of us there are.
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    in Gustav wood's bed... ;)
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just a little something i thought up...

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Description: so erm i was trying to write a creative writing piece for my school newspaper and it turned out different than what i thought so i put it on here instead...

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