Since there is so MUCH fabulousness to me, I'll  just say 3 things about myself and some generalness at the end.(:
*1. Music is my life. I absolutely love my music, and other's. It's absolutely beautiful and it gets to me<3 just having lyrics you can relate to, and letting it take all your worrries and pain away. It IS the best escape for this world we live in.
*2. I'm a very corky person. (: or atleast I think corky is the word I'm looking for here. Who knows? haa. I'm absolutely silly and terribly goofy, but as long as I give someone a smile I'm good.(:
*3. I'm a VERY emotional person. I'm not emo or anything, my emotions just control me. I've cried watching the Muppets and the Lorax. Yes, I know. Just me. I've gotten in fights just because they insulted my friends. I don't care if you insult me, but don't mention my friends. That's just the way I am. (:

For some generalness, my name's Kaite, Ethel-Jean. I love my middle name<3 haa. I'm single as a pringle, not literally, since they're always spooning and such.. Slutty chip. Anyway, I'm also clearly very easily distracted so sorry if my stories go way off topic. If they go off too far, lemme know and I'll edit it and bring it back. I'm a country girl who can also be a scene lil' darling, I know it's a weird combo but it works. (: Message me if you have any questions!(:

~Kaite Ethel<3
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