I enjoy long midnight walks to the fridge. 

Day dreamer. Truth seeker. Fast talker. Speed walker. World traveler. Music lover. Music biz vet.

Voice-over Actress for @jr0127 's "Cheater.Faker.Troublemaker." & "Find Her, Keep Her"

Among other things... I'm a tickler of keys. Strummer of strings. Drummer of beats. Lover of sweets. Omnivore. Can't ignore a good conversation.

Bibliophile. Philosophile. English teacher. Grammar nitpicker. Word rhymer. Story writer. Alliterative author. All night gamer. And go to namer for my friend's characters' names.

You can find me happiest in my natural habitat called my bed, enveloped in a blanket, music playing, movie watching, book reading, picture drawing, or movie making --all of which equally satiate my needs for creative release.

California born and bred, though I left to live in Europe instead. Currently...Frankfurt, Germany to be specific.
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