Hi! I just started to write my own story on here so let me know what you think ;)
Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be appreciated and is highly encouraged <3
I'm 18, in college, and reading is my passion!

One of my most fav things to read is Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio! It's a great web comic located at http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20021104 or just type in www.girlgenius.com
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k8isgr8 k8isgr8 Sep 07, 2012 05:51PM
I have updated C.O. :) 
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Description: It's about a girl named Jayla who is something of a quirky, brainy, snooping powerhouse and her friends, acquaintances, and the people she meets along the way. She discovers something fishy going on in her sch...


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