Hi. I'm Laura. :)
I'm literally from Narnia.
I swear very fucking much. Not that I'm very proud of it but it's so natural.
I'm only 13 years old. (wich makes everything even worse...)
My english is pretty shitty because this too.
I don't have almost any friends, and most of people hate me. (oh party hard. oh, and note the sarcasm. :)
Okay. This 'about me' shit doesn't make any sense. Cause I'm just not talented.. So I try to be sorry. ^^
But You can follow me on twitter @imzombieunicorn and tumblr imzombieunicorn.tumblr.com. (fuckyeah :D) If you're not pedo, and you think you can stand my awkwardness and weirdness you can ask my fb and msn, actually skype too, but I usually don't use it.
So you can send me your tumblrs, youtubes and fanfics. :)
And if anyone would want to write a story together, then I would really fucking love it. I don't really wanna write alone yet, but I have a few ideas. :3
Bye, love you all. xx
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