To say the very least: I'm a colorblind artist, a dyslexic writer, and a punctuation-illiterate editor....

I like to draw and I drew my profile picture, the covers for all my stories, the back ground and etc.

If you want to check out my work visit my DeviantArt page below:


My animation projects are on YouTube now too:


Well, only thing left for me to say is, as always, have fun and enjoy. Thanks!

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I Train with Dragons ~*ON HOLD*~

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Description: ~*ON HOLD*~ Illia and Gorakir have cleared the trials of Dragos Asiverith. Except when they think the ordeal is over they find a dark and dangerous secret that only the shadows can answer. Book Two

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Facing the beast in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book Two ~*ON HOLD*~

Facing the beast in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book Two ~*ON HOLD*~

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I Dream of Dragons

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Lone wolf in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book One~*Being revised*~

Lone wolf in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book One~*Being revised*~

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From A and B to 83

From A and B to 83

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Hey everyone,
      Thought I’d give you an update about what’s going on around here and about the progress I’m making with my projects.
      So as for myself personally, things aren’t going well at all. Aside from the ever pressing financial issues, there have been so many bad things going on with my family lately that I can’t even wrap my head around it all. In short; my psychotic brother went off the deep-end for real this time and now my parents are fearful for their lives despite taking all the legal measures they can…
      So yeah, that’s a thing ^^;
      Now on to some better news!
       Even with everything, I’ve managed to scrape together nearly a whole chapter of Facing the Beast and half a chapter of I Train with Dragons. I’ve also sketched out two pages for my comic Sky Riders (for anyone who might follow me on DeviantArt).
      I know that doesn’t sound like much, and really it isn’t, but for me it’s a huge victory considering that sometimes I want to quit so bad it hurts. Thank goodness for sensibility and you all for helping me though those patches :)
      So yeah, that’s pretty much everything. 
      Thank you all so much for your patience and support, I really, REALLY appreciate it :)